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5 Truths on Federal Employee Student Loan Forgiveness

Student loans are a big topic today. For federal employees, there is a program available to forgive their student loans if they meet certain requirement. Watch for ...

FEMA How To Register For Government Contracts Emergency Disaster Recovery Work Construction Debris

FEMA How-To Register For Government Contracts Emergency Disaster Recovery Work Construction Debri Removal Clean Up How to Win Get FEMA Contracts ...

Emergency Loans For Federal Employees


Emergency Hardship Loans - Federal Employee Education ...

FEEA offers eligible federal employees confidential, no-interest loans to help them bridge their financial gaps in times of emergency. FEEA has given over 11,000 loans to federal employees totaling nearly $8 million since 1986.

Federal Employee Fund no interest loans.

Various issues may lead to an emergency, and these can lead to missed rent or car payments or a utility disconnection. In these instances, the FEEA Emergency Assistance Loan Program provides help. The non-profit may offer either confidential cash grants or no-interest loans to federal employees or postal workers.

Federal Employee Loans | Loans for Feds | Emergency ...

Loans For Feds is an affordable lending solution to traditional federal employee loans. Our convenient, low-cost loans require no minimum credit score. Significantly cheaper than payday loans and receive your funds in less than 2 business days.

Welcome - Federal Employee Education & Assistance Fund

The Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund (FEEA) is the only independent, nonprofit 501c3 organization devoted solely to providing emergency financial assistance and scholarships to our dedicated civilian federal and postal public servants and their families.

Kashable Loans for Federal Employees

Low Cost Loans For Federal Employees When the unexpected happens, Kashable can help. Our just-in-time loan offering specially crafted to serve federal employees gets you access to credit when you need it.