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IL2 Cliffs of Dover - "The Beginning of the End"

Air Combat Group consists of both Allied and Axis squadrons under a single operational umbrella flying with full realism settings. We are an English and German ...


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Academy manager Mike Sandmann proud of young side’s efforts after 4-2 loss. IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover - PC: Video Games

IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover is yet another installment in the acclaimed IL-2 Sturmovik series. The game takes place in 1940 during the pivotal aerial battle for the skies over Britain between the British, the German and the Italian air forces. IL-2 STURMOVIK: CLIFFS OF DOVER [Download ...

Synopsis. In IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover, you'll jet above war-torn Europe and engage in white-knuckle aerial combat over the ground-based military operations of the second World War.

IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Blitz Edition - Free Full ...

About This Game. Join the decisive aerial battle of the 20th Century – The Battle of Britain. Zoom over the white cliffs as a Fighter pilot in the Spitfires and Hurricanes of the Royal Air Force, or pilot the black crossed Bf-109’s and Bf-110’s of the Luftwaffe and the Italian Fiat G-50 of the Regia Aeronautica.