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What’s Up for July 2018

What can you see in July's night skies? Mars opposition on the 27th, when Mars, Earth and the Sun all line up, and Mars' closest approach to Earth since 2003 ...

Space Viking by H. Beam Piper

A galactic war has left the Terran Federation in ruins. Formerly civilized planets have decivilized into barbarism. Space Vikings roam the wreckage, plundering ...

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What's the problem with payday lending? « Social Sciences ...

Recent figures from the FCA outline that 800,000 fewer people took out payday loans in an 18-month period. There was also a 20% drop in approval of loans and an 8% reduction in defaults. CAB are also reporting a considerable decline in the number of people reporting problems with payday loans. It is not clear what has happened to these people.

DOL42210 | Payday Loan | Loans

For example, payday loans offered after Oct. 1, 2007, the military annual percentage rate cannot exceed 36 percent. Most fees and charges, with a few exceptions, are included in the rate. Before the Department of Defense rule took effect, I did have a service member come in seeking financial advice.

What's gone wrong with payday lender Wonga? - BBC News

Wonga was founded in 2007 to offer loans for less than 30 days to consumers without the need to go through a lengthy application process. "We have dared to ask some hard questions, like how can we make loans instant, how can we get money to people 24 hours a day, seven days a week, how can we be totally transparent?" Mr Damelin told the BBC in 2012.

Payday loans firm Wonga is on the brink of collapse after ...

The payday loans firm was once one of the fastest-growing consumer finance companies in Britain. But it is on the rocks three weeks after receiving an emergency £10m cash injection.

Payday Lending Bill Faces Uncertain Fate In Indiana Senate ...

But the new payday lending bill would lift that, allowing payday lenders to charge annual percentage rates as high as 222 percent on short-term loans between $605 and $1,500, an analysis by Indiana Institute for Working Families found.