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Student Debt: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver discusses student debt, which is awful, as well as for-profit colleges, who are awfully good at inflicting debt upon us. Connect with Last Week Tonight ...

Abbott And Costello- You're not here!

Classic sketch from one of the great Comedy Duo's of all time.

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Georgia Payday Loan (GA) - Same Day Payday

Payday loans are not allowed in the state of Georgia. Please refer to the Georgia Department of Law Consumer Protection Unit if you have been treated unfairly by a lender or debt collector. In Georgia a lender operating within the state may not charge more than 10% interest on loans under $3,000.

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Payday Loans | Office of Attorney General Chris Carr

A "payday loan" is a loan of short duration, usually two weeks, with fees of 15% to 30% of the amount advanced. Payday loans are generally illegal in Georgia , unless made by a Georgia licensed industrial loan lender.

Maryland Payday Loan (MD) - Same Day Payday

Loans greater than $2,000 but under $6,000 have a maximum allowed rate of 24%. Loans less than $2,000, which includes most payday loans, have a maximum allowed rate up to 33%. More about this law may be found at MD Code Annotated Commercial Law ยง12-306 .

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